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How to prevent ‘sweet-tooth’ cravings at work

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We spend most of our time in our place of work and so it’s seems the most obvious place to try and be most prepared when it comes to eating and staying on track.

Often though with our work loads, stress levels and the typical office treats hanging around it is easy to get off track. However, with some smart planning you can keep your energy levels up, reduce unhealthy snacking and stay on track. Here are seven tips:

1. Start the day right

If you don’t usually eat breakfast make this the first thing you change about your routine! Is it the most important meal of the day? I would have to say yes. By skipping breakfast, we start the day tired, with low energy levels and with low blood sugar levels. This is likely to lead to craving sugary treats mid-morning and then we are more likely to give in to temptation. Skipping breakfast sets us off on an unhealthy path for the day. Have a good quality balanced breakfast to keep you full such as eggs and wholegrain toast and fruit, or porridge with nuts and fruit.

2. Prepare and take your own meals

Prepare meals the night before so that you aren’t taken off guard. People that don’t prepare and take their own meals to work are much more likely to either skip lunch altogether and just graze all day (often on high sugary fatty foods, snacks etc.) or buy a less healthier lunch from the nearest shop.

3. Keep healthy snacks at work

Keep a stash of healthy snacks at work such as nuts, fruit etc. A good way to stave off cravings is to combine protein or healthy fats with fibre for a healthy snack, e.g. veg sticks with cottage cheese, nuts and an apple, chopped apple and peanut butter, home-made hummus and carrot sticks.

4. Keep water on your desk

The body can mistake thirst for hunger when we are dehydrated. Drink plenty of water through the day and keep a large bottle on your desk or your work space.

5. Protein with each meal

Include a healthy source of protein with each meal. This might include lean meat such as chicken, or fish, dairy such as yoghurt, eggs or vegetarian sources such as tofu. Protein takes a while to be broken down and digested and therefore keeps us feeling fuller for longer.

6. Get comfortable saying no

It’s not obligatory to yes to work-place treats such as cake.  If you don’t want to have it just say no. people in your place of work will soon stop asking.

7. Be more active at work

Being slumped at a desk all day and not getting any fresh air can lead to feeling lethargic which can increase the chances of unhealthy sacking. To  stay more alert and energised incorporate more activity into the day such as taking the stairs, getting up off your desk every 30 minutes,  walking at lunchtime and getting off the bus one stop earlier before work.

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