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Sport and exercise nutrition  

In order to sustain your training, achieve better performance, and recover optimally, good nutrition is EXTREMELY important. However, more importantly good nutrition helps to maintain health. As they say ‘health fuels performance’. Together, the client and Ann-Marie look at ways in which training, performance and recovery can be optimised. As an athlete or recreational athlete we can look at:   

  • Macronutrient periodisation (Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat)
  • Event build up nutrition
  • During event food
  • Recovery nutrition 
  • Hydration
  • Supplement use

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Body composition 

Ann-Marie can help you with your body composition goals (e.g. lose fat, gain muscle), taking the guess work out of your nutrition. She will help you to understand how to eat to achieve your ideal physique without compromising muscle mass and whilst still being able to enjoy tasty food. Ann-Marie’s philosophy is around education, so that by the end of your time working with her you should really be able to understand what your body needs and how to implement this in everyday life going forward.     

General health   

Perhaps you want to lose weight, improve your health, improve energy levels or you are a vegetarian or vegan and would like to ensure that you are getting the nutrition that you need, one-to-one consultations allow the focus to be on your individuals needs. You will go away with some actionable goals and your progress will be reviewed 4 weeks later with a follow-up consultation. This provides you with the opportunity to make any necessary changes in order to make the most progress, to have accountability, support and education to help you to overcome any challenges. 

Food manufacturers and caterers

From 2016, it became mandatory to provide back of pack nutrition information for most pre-packed foods.  In addition, nutritional information is becoming more commonly used to cater for people’s needs. Ann-Marie provides nutritional analysis for food manufacturers and caterers which includes:  

Recipe analysis

Recipes can be analysed to calculate the nutrient content of foods and drinks per 100g/ml and per portion.  

Nutrition labelling information

Front of pack labelling can be provided that complies with the UK Governments’ front of pack nutritional labelling scheme.  

Allergy information

There are rules that determine the way allergen information should appear on food labels which is pre-packed, sold loose or served in food outlets. There are 14 major allergens. Ann-Marie can help you to identify the allergens and produce labels that comply with the correct format.

Nutrition content

Ann-Marie can provide you with nutrition content for websites, magazines and recipes.  

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Group nutrition sessions/workshops/talks   

Ann-Marie delivers talks and workshops to different groups. Whether that be a running group that is preparing for a marathon, a sports team, or a group that want to learn about other nutrition topics. Examples of previous talks/workshops have included:

  • Nutrition for marathon running
  • Nutrition for sport and exercise 
  • Nutrition for young athletes 
  • Food and mood

Corporate consultancy  

Poor health in the workplace can lead to poor performance, reduced productivity and increased absenteeism. An individuals physical and mental health can be hugely impacted by dietary habits. Ann-Marie can visit your business to help you to make positive changes with your staff and food environment.  

  • Bespoke workshops/talks  
  • Canteen guidance 
  • Vending machine guidance 


Content writing 

Ann-Marie can write articles for websites, magazines and PR material based on your specification. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.