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How it works

You may be struggling to lose/gain weight or just want to make some healthy changes to your lifestyle and would like to know what changes you could make to your current diet. My philosophy is around education, so that by the end of your time working with me you should really be able to understand what your body needs and how to implement this in everyday life going forward.    

Initially we will speak by phone. This is so I can introduce myself and understand your personal needs. I will then ask you to complete a Health and Lifestyle questionnaire and 3 day Food Diary. The completed food diary is then sent back to me, so I can assess your current eating patterns.



£180 per month  

This includes:

  • A full assessment of your current diet to get an understanding of your current nutritional status
  • Personalised recommendations based on your food diary 
  • Personalised meal guides based on your food preferences
  • Tasty recipes  
  • Your progress monitored throughout (2 fortnightly follow ups) to keep you accountable and on track   
  • Supplement guidance based on your goals
  • Email/WhatsApp support in between the fortnightly follow ups

*If your aim is to achieve substantial physique changes it is advisable that you commit to longer than 1 month. Clients commonly work with me for a period of 3 months.    

Coaching criteria 

My nutrition coaching is highly individualised, and of a high standard and for that reason I can only work with limited numbers of people at one time. To ensure that I am the right Nutritionist for you here is my criteria:     

  1. You are not looking for a quick fix. I do not advocate quick-fixes or FAD diets such as cutting out food groups. I aim to educate during the time that we work together so that you not only get results but so you can understand your nutritional needs going forward. This is why I do not provide one-off generic meal plans, and the very minimum I can work with an individual is four weeks. 
  2. It is preferable that you have an understanding of basic nutrition principles. This is so that you can get the best out of the time that we work together. 
  3. You are not looking to treat or medicate a condition. If you have any medical condition or conditions that affect your dietary intake such as diabetes it is advised that you consult with your GP or a dietitian. 

Terms and Conditions   

Nutrition plans cannot be sent until payment has been made in full.